Campaign details

Agency: Guns or Knives
Country: Ireland


In 2016, Dairygold was in decline. While our target audience of time-poor foodies grew up with Dairygold and have always appreciated it along with all the other great food they love, some have now switched brands as they've grown older. One thing in our favour was that they still retained strong, fond memories of the brand.

We wanted to create a new energy around Dairygold, one that would strengthen its equity, as well as reinforcing and growing the brand's connection with Irish people, cementing its place at the centre of kitchen fridges everywhere.

In the summer of 2016, Dairygold launched its "Make a Minute" 360 campaign, urging people to use that time to do something that matters to them; to make a minute for the Good Stuff. The experiential campaign was designed to remind our consumer - who'd have seen the TV ad, OOH, or come across the creative online -to "make a minute" to reflect on their life and enjoy the little things that matter. While doing this, we also wanted to prompt our consumers to pick up a pack of Dairygold next time they went grocery shopping, and start reconnecting with the brand.

National context of the campaign