Agency: Jagran Prakashan Ltd


  • Lend a 1st person voice on the gender issue
  • Demonstrate a view of the world from a girl's perspective
  • Not sell more copies, but propel Dainik Jagran as an agenda-setting newspaper


A majority of the 330 mn deities in India are goddesses. Yet, a Reuters survey ranked India the 4th most dangerous country for women. We rank 130 among 180 countries on Gender Inequality Index.

Our constitution recognizes equal rights for women, we have more women leaders than any other country, yet the girl child has a lesser chance to be born than a boy.

We have 943 girls to 1000 boys. An estimated 6 mn girls were aborted in the last decade by parents determined to have a son.

If they do win the macabre obstacle race to birth, the girl child is less likely to be fed, be educated, or have a right over property. She's more likely to be married off early, be killed for dowry, have acid thrown on her face, die during childbirth, or to have anaemia.