Challenge, context & objectives

Sebastian Professional is a global leading brand of Hair Care & Styling products, targeting mostly salon professionals and hairdressers (80% of its business).

End consumers, representing 20% of its business, are able to buy products in hair salons. However, Sebastian is suffering from a lack of awareness within the end consumer community, impacting its net revenue.

In January 2017, Sebastian Professional had a portfolio of 56 hair products, organised around 3 key categories: styling (its biggest business with 30 products), care (14 products), and colour (12 products).

But since the 2010s, a new major opportunity for hair brands emerged within end consumers: curls.

The curly-haired consumers (14% of salon clients) spend a lot of money on hair care. They buy hair products more than any other target as they have a lot of issues to contend with versus those without curls. Curly-haired women do on average 70% more Care services than their straight-haired counterparts, and bought on average 20% more products in salons, representing a new business opportunity for industry leaders.