An inconvenient market truth: Tire users don't show brand loyalty, or even awareness

Do you know what brand your tires are?

If Continental Tires has a market reputation in China, it's for being a quality brand. It has earned that reputation through marketing efforts historically focused on high-spec product features and quality materials.

However, consumer usage research reveals that only 1% of total drivers are invested enough to care about the tires they put on their car.

So – how do we connect with the other 99%?

Competitor Michelin currently commands a higher top-of-mind awareness in the market, and claims comparatively more mass appeal.

Takeaway - engaging with car drivers on awareness and emotional preference for the brand should be Continental's top priority.

The target audience is one of the most difficult to penetrate.

  • 99% of car drivers are not concerned about their tires.
  • Purchase frequency in this category is on annual basis or even longer.
  • Since Continental is an imported brand, its buyers are less price-sensitive, but strive for quality. The same logic applies to the cars they own: quality cars facilitate a better driving experience.

Continental's mission