Coke Zero: Drinkable advertising

Agency: Leo Burnett

Creative effectiveness

80% of millennials have never tried Coke Zero. Our challenge was to create a campaign that would grab the attention of the ever elusive and uninterested millennial with one main goal: to drive trial. We created advertising that people could drink. Each ad became an opportunity for them to try Coke Zero.

Most notably our campaign leveraged Shazam, an app with massive penetration amongst millennials, and developed an entirely new way of using their audio recognition technology. It was a first of it's kind. The result was a uniquely interactive and synchronized dual-screen experience that allowed TV, radio and out-of-home to pour a Coke Zero directly into people's phones, in real-time. Using silent subsonic sounds we also turned phones into digital straws that allowed people to drink Coke Zero from digital posters, cinema and giant concert screens. No matter the interaction, each resulted in a free ice-cold Coke Zeros available at special Coca-Cola vending machines and participating retail stores.

  1. We succeeded in driving mass trial of Coke Zero.
    • The Drinkable Advertising campaign delivered nearly 155,000 samples over the course of a weekend. Making it one of the most successful sampling campaigns for Coke Zero in recent years.
  2. This was achieved by a successful big bang around the March Madness Final Four
    • This was the most Shazamed ad of all time, with over 200,000 total hits. In fact, there were so many hits that Shazam was overloaded and needed to bring in more servers for the first time ever.
    • The Drinkable Billboard delivered an average of 1 Coke Zero every 10 seconds over a 3-day period and was a huge catalyst of press and engagement with the brand.
    • The Stalking Vending Machine converted nearly 20,000 people into Coke Zero drinkers in one weekend—and the Drinkable Poster delivered over 4,000 servings during that same time period.
    • The Drinkable Flyer had a 19% conversion rate, which is virtually unprecedented.
    • The Drinkable Poster delivered over 4,000 Coke Zeros in a single weekend.
  3. Success also came from the amplification efforts
    • The Drinkable TVC drove mass trial of Coke Zero, immediately delivering nearly 25,000 coupons. These had a conversion rate of 16% with our retail partner (vs. retailer's average of 5%).
    • Within 48 hours, The campaign generated over 43 million PR and social media impressions.
  4. The campaign also won considerable industry recognition
    • A Bronze Cannes Lion, a Gold ECHO Award, OMMA Best in Show 2015, Favorite Website Awards: Mobile Site of the Day.
    • It was widely covered in industry press: Adweek, Agency Spy, The Drum, PSFK(Appendix F).