Campaign details

Agency: Haygarth
Country: United Kingdom


Our innovative campaign for Clarins set a new standard for the skincare demonstration – making it not just a category-first, but a world-first too.

In the UK's cluttered beauty landscape, many brands look, sound and behave similarly. As a result, luxury skincare brand Clarins was suffering from consumer indifference among one of the category's most valuable demographic: millennial females, who also perceived it as a brand for older women.

However, research showed that this audience was also unknowingly suffering the effects of city living –working and playing hard was prematurely ageing their skin. So our challenge was twofold: alert oblivious millennial to the shocking damage their lifestyle was having on their skin, and present Clarins Multi-Active skincare range as the solution.

To dramatise the product's intangible benefits in a way convincing enough to drive purchase – we needed to truly innovate. So we created The Urban Oasis, a pop-up beauty destination that didn't just provide quality 'me-time' for busy women. It delivered a personalised facial-mapping experience with a bespoke-built projection pod and used technology to tell women the story of their skin (and Clarins Multi-Active) in the most personal way possible: using their own face as a canvas.

National Context of the Campaign