Agency: Shift


The business objective of the program was to re-energize and scale the existing Citigold client referral platform to make it a significant channel for acquiring Citigold clients.

The team took an audacious target of 15% contribution to total Citigold acquisition for the entire Asia business.

The task was two-fold:

  1. Increase the number of referrals from existing Citigold clients
  2. Motivate and prepare our front line staff , the Citigold Relationship Managers, to actively engage with customers

We needed something that was flexible enough to appeal to HNW clients across 15 cultures as diverse as Poland and the Philippines, and capture the attention of busy Relationship Managers across Citi.


To get started, we reached out to our Citigold clients to understand the motivations as well as barriers for a wealth referral.

The most notable customer insight from the research was that :

  1. Though the reward/offer amount plays an important role, it wasn't the answer for Citi to cut through and connect with our wealth clients to build advocacy
  2. Wealth is a very personal subject and there is an obvious emotion and privacy attached to it. Wealth referral invites are better received in the context of a broader long term conversation.
  3. Unlike other referral categories (e.g.- inviting friends to try a taxi app), referring friends and family to start a wealth relationship is a very personal.
  4. And this conversation happens only in the inner circle. In the inner circle, everyone is equal and the trust is reciprocated which makes having personal conversations easy.