Campaign details

Agency: These Days
Country: Belgium


Child Focus, the Belgian center for Missing Children, wanted to open the debate on an unspeakable truth: sexual exploitation of children. Most Europeans think this is a far-away-issue in exotic countries. Sadly it is also a horrifying reality close to home. We got the whole country talking about the problem with a confronting online tool: a calculator that estimated the price criminals would pay for your child. By sharing a picture of your children with a price tag, you spread the message. Without any media budget our campaign reached 16 million persons in one single day.

National context of the campaign

We created a very disturbing online tool called 'Put a Price on your Precious' (Schat je schatje/Estimez votre tresor). As we all know parents like to share pictures of their kids on Facebook, but with this tool they can calculate and share the price criminals would pay for their son or daughter. The estimation - based on appalling but real data - takes into account gender, age, skin and hair. It results in a price tag being put on a picture of their child (or an anonymous look-a-like). By sharing the picture people brought the shocking problem very close to home for all their Facebook-friends.


  • Audience: all adults in Belgium, with specific attention for parents and grandparents.
  • Objective: Create awareness of the sexual abuse and trafficking of minors in Europe.
  • Challenge: There is no media budget. It has to be a single-day-campaign on the 18th of November, which is the European Day against sexual exploitation of children.