Executive Summary


Bernzomatic challenged Zeno Group with generating consumer demand of propane camping gas cylinders for hurricane and emergency preparedness. In advance of severe weather in key markets, propane camping cylinders sell out quickly. They are used during severe weather conditions for light and for cooking hot food, saving lives in the event of power and energy outages. In 2017, Bernzomatic's key retailers sold out of these propane tanks very quickly due to high demand after severe weather. Timing and predictive analysis developed by Zeno was crucial; it is nearly impossible to deliver fuel cylinders to a retailer during or right after a hurricane.


Leveraging historical data from NOAA, Zeno developed pre-determined weather criteria and used weather as a signal to deploy creative in a geo-targeted fashion. The criteria considered wind, precipitation and temperature. When the aforementioned criteria required was met, it would trigger a message to the agency team who would, in turn, then deploy custom creative assets immediately.