Agency: Geometry Global Hong Kong

Campaign Strategy

Ballantine's is highly regarded in the Korean market, boasting the largest market share in the country out of both the blended and single malt segments. But this position has recently been challenged by single malts, which are perceived as "trendy" and "superior".

We needed to recapture market share and rebuild brand loyalty among whisky drinkers by making them see the value and merit of blended whiskies against single malts. To this end, we decided to appeal to their sense of identity.

People often find pride in their drink of choice, and many choose single malts purely because it's perceived as "classier". Through this campaign, we gave drinkers a real reason to be proud by showing them that what you drink can truly reflect who you are. Our campaign celebrated individuality in a way that was deeply relevant to our product benefits.

Our campaign was rolled out to optimally connect with travelers throughout their journey, with online banners and posters to connect with them before their trip, in-store activations during, and social media engagement and online films after their travels. We gave people a chance to discover a new facet of whisky through our brand, and showed that anyone can find the perfect whisky with Ballantine's.