The challenge

Social media usage globally has exploded and with networks like Facebook now reporting 2 billion monthly active users, it's unsurprising that it has become one of the most important ways in which providers of digital content can reach new audiences. But with the growth in the number of digital platforms, growth in internet penetration and growth in mobile device ownership globally, the online customer journey has become more fragmented than ever before.

Digital measurement on websites is incredibly detailed, with complete customer journeys spanning where someone entered the site, what content they consumed along the way, how long they consumed it for and a whole host of other data that is useful for content creators to maximise their chances of delivering the best experiences they can for users. But in today's age content doesn't just sit on destination websites, and piecing together the entire digital customer experience across websites and social networks, with the current state of online measurement, is impossible. The fact is that content providers have very little understanding of the complimentary or cannibalistic nature of what they are sharing on social networks. Big data approaches are enabling organisations to make sense of social activity across millions of nodes and thousands of networks, but it doesn't seem like anyone is solving the very first order problem: are we reaching different people on our different platforms?