Agency: Ogilvy


Our campaign launched with a coordinated, multi-channel paid media strategy that maximized spend in launch markets (Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and Jacksonville) while also providing national digital support. The overarching success measures were identified as an increase in perception of Aetna as a health company and positive shift in brand favorability. For local markets, we set the benchmark to reach 90% of our audience with a 20x frequency. An uptick in Medicare leads served as a peripheral objective as we expected our primary objectives to have a positive impact on enrollments.

We also identified key performance indicators that spanned across all our channels. We gained learnings from designed experiments and consumer-data driven technology that served as a resource for optimizing performance media and creative, measurement, and digital user experience.


In research, we learned that people felt negatively about healthcare, but positively about their health. Individuals mainly dealt with an insurer when something bad happened. Aetna was not immune to these feelings, so we knew we had to tackle brand perception and favorability. But, 82% of people also expressed positive feelings about managing their health. They even identify with having personal health goals and were eager to share them. The sense of joy in achieving those goals marked a defining emotion. This gave us our angle - position Aetna as a support for people in reaching their health ambitions. Turning traditional health insurance on its head, we identified a powerful shift: Aetna is in the business of health, not just health insurance. Our campaign needed to enable audiences to take pro-active health actions showing how Aetna joins people in reaching their health ambitions.