Agency: Barefoot Proximity


The goal of the entire campaign was to increase awareness of TIGRs and generate leads for their sales team. Impressions and site traffic would measure awareness. We did not expect this portion of the campaign to generate the bulk of the leads.


We created personas around two primary targets: corporate buyers and renewable originators. The Corporate target is a chief sustainability officer at a global Fortune 500 company who needs to source renewable energy because of sustainability commitments to shareholders. The Originator builds wind and solar farms to meet the demand for renewables.

APX is the matchmaker between this demand and supply. They offer credits to buyers that prove they're actually buying green energy. For the Originator, it's proof that there's a market for it.

The brief was for TIGRs, a new global renewable energy credit. Before TIGRs, corporate buyers had to buy different credits on different local exchanges for their warehouse in China, their office in Singapore and their distribution center in California. Now you could purchase the same credit for all locations. TIGRs are to the renewable energy market, what EUROs are to trading in Europe. Our mission was to increase awareness and generate both corporate and originator leads.