Campaign details

Brand: United Nations
Client: United Nations
Agency: Grey London / WPP


The United Nations broke protocol to re-engage with the World's people and have their voice heard when and where it mattered most, on one of the biggest threat's facing humanity: Climate Change.

  • In these times of political complexity, the UN is the world's most powerful organisation to make change happen. But people didn't believe this. They felt locked out and disengaged. For an organisation created to serve the people, this was a problem.
  • To reengage with the World's people, the UN adopted a brave new model for engagement that invited their direct input and leveraged their voice to create immediate impact.
  • The campaign used influencers and social media to engage with the public.
  • It reached over 1.3 billion people globally, generating over 1,600 articles and 500 pieces of broadcast news, including China's CCTV, the BBC, CNN, Sky News, Reuters and was even positively covered by climate sceptical Fox News.
  • The campaign was referenced by The Prime Minister in the House of Commons and in the Australian Parliament.
  • Most importantly, The People's Seat put the voice of the people front and centre to World leaders as they negotiated the rulebook to implement the historic Paris Agreement to fight climate change. Against the odds, the rulebook was unanimously agreed.