Campaign details

Brand: KFC
Client: Yum! Brands
Agency: Mother London


You are KFC and your fries are getting abused online for their failings. Yet the new, tastier fries you've been trialing are getting a negative response from your loyal fans who simply hated change.

What do you do?

Risk alienating your loyal customers with your new fries or risk preventing growth through penetration by sticking to the old ones?

You do neither.

This is a paper about how we looked to smooth the introduction of KFC's new fries by negatively positioning its old ones. Creating a famous campaign along the way.

By daring to promote negative tweets about our old fries, we turned KFC's haters into our hypers,. We used their fury to help reposition KFC's old fries as something that needed fixing while gaining maximum attention along the way. This paved the way for the new fries campaign, heralding them as the saviour to the problem and allowing their great taste to speak for themselves.