Campaign details

Brand: HSBC
Client: HSBC
Agency: JWT London

Executive Summary

At a time when the UK was questioning its relationship with the rest of the world, HSBC UK needed to show it could be as relevant as a local bank, but built on the strength of its global connections.

So we reminded the UK of the value of remaining connected to the world with a simple, defiant message to capture its imagination: We are not an island.

This is the story of a strategy that helped an organization with a storied history rediscover the relevance of its own voice.

The story of a disparate organisation of 45,000 people that, through a public advertising campaign, discovered a vision that united them.

This is the story of a brand in desperate need of a revival and ended up making news, not ads.

Only this time, thankfully, for the right reasons.

A little background for a big problem