Campaign details

Brand: British Army
Client: British Army
Agency: Karmarama


Army recruitment is one of the oldest briefs in advertising. You probably think you know this story already.

But we're going to show you how we tackled an age-old challenge with an unexpected new strategy. Because with higher targets but no extra budget to meet them, we knew we needed to think differently to win.

By combining an enduring truth about the Army with a modern insight about Britain today, we found a fresh strategic approach to recruitment.

In a world where our audience were under attack from all sides, we took to their defence to prove we valued and wanted them. While the media labelled them lazy, tech-obsessed snowflakes, we challenged the society overlooking them by showing that where they saw stereotypes, the Army saw potential.

Challenging stereotypes and standing for (and against) something triggered a global media debate, with a PR reach of 4.8 billion in the first week alone.