Campaign details

Agency: Underline, a.s.
Country: Czech Republic


The campaign was created for Alef, a technological company distributing a product named Cisco Meraki. For Alef, the key issue was the high sophistication of the product, meaning it was not easy to explain its features to customers. Cisco Meraki allows to remotely manage computer networks, which is very useful for companies with multiple branches. Due to the complexity of the solution, it is necessary to personally meet with opinion and decision makers from respective companies. The second issue is the target group – IT managers, whose attention cannot be easily captured. The biggest competitors to Cisco Meraki are internal, often times awkwardly designed solutions.

National Context of the Campaign

We carried out the campaign after the end of the recession period, when pressure was put on work effectiveness. This negatively projected into managers' unwillingness to meet with potential suppliers, since their time is precious. One important insight is that wherever an IT manager stands on the company ladder, they keep their specific "IT humour" and often communicate with their surroundings in a clumsy manner. Another trait these IT managers have in common is that if allowed, they like to wear t-shirts with simple pictures, jeans and sneakers to work.