Statics and Flows: The creation of brand fame in the digital age

Peter Buckley

The Admap Prize 2014

This essay was the Bronze Award winner of The Admap Prize 2014.
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The most effective way to build brands in the digital age is to ensure every brand encounter reinforces its fame. Statics create self-perpetuating fame but Flows assist in making brand fame culturally congruent.

On 15th October 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Richard and Mayumi Heene allowed a gas balloon filled with helium to float away into the atmosphere with their six-year-old son Falcon inside. The news attracted worldwide media attention. Within hours of the balloon being released, 'Balloon Boy' became the number-one searched term on Google. But their fame was short-lived. When the balloon eventually landed and no boy was found inside, suspicions began to rise. Ultimately, Falcon's parents were prosecuted for the hoax and Balloon Boy disappeared from the public consciousness as quickly as he had arrived.