10 trends in 2013

J Walker Smith
The Futures Company

From the farming of the seas, the celebration of vice and the cathartic venting of spleens to the fashion for Nordicool, here are 10 trends to look out for in 2013.

The global marketplace is in realignment. The financial crisis of 2008-2009 took the world economy over the edge. Since then, consumers have been reassessing old certainties and rethinking traditional expectations. As the after-effects of the downturn, good as well as bad, have gone unabated, consumers have become more demanding. Now, in a rush, concerns and questions have erupted, with important consequences and implications for the future of marketing, both near and far.

1. Bolder, more demanding consumers

The Futures Company Global Monitor finds a core group of consumers who are unforgiving of today's realities. They are the Global Enraged, comprising 28% of the 20 countries, developed and emerging, tracked by Global Monitor. This seething mood is directly evident in the protests now sweeping across many hard-hit developed countries, and in the impatient expectations now bubbling up in many high-growth emerging markets. This means a tougher sell, but also permission for brands to take a different, more promising tack, especially in the areas roiled most by more demanding consumers – success, life stages and the nurture of health and wellness.

2. Denominated by the feeling in the chest not the badge on the sleeve