The major trends in the Russian consumer market over the period 2000-2011

Larisa Filonova and Ruzanna Simonyan
TNS, Global TGI Partner

The changes that the Russian market has undergone in the past decade have radically reshaped the consumer economy, opening up opportunities for many domestic and international companies to expand their businesses in Russia.

The 21th century began with a huge gap between the small group of ultra-wealthy Russians who could afford the lifestyle typical of reasonably affluent Europeans, and the rest of population which was obliged to do with the basic minimum of goods and services. For example, foreign cars, mobile phones, Internet and trips abroad were luxuries available only to a limited number of people.

The situation has been gradually improving over the last decade. Encouraged by income growth and a stable consumer demand, big trading centers have expanded retail networks across the country. As a result, today the variety of goods and services available on the Russian market is much broader than ten years ago.