Digital boost in Latin America

Alexandro Herrera
TNS, Mexico


Implementing a digital strategy in Latin America is very different than in India, Russia, China, England or South Africa. Cultural conditions and online behavior must be taken in to account.

In spite of Latin America having still a lower Internet penetration than developed regions - 38% vs. 77% in northwest Europe and 77% in North America - it is estimated that the region will experience the biggest growth in the oncoming years. In 2011, Latin America's Internet population reached over 112 million people aged 15 years and older, Brazil being the largest online market with 40.5 million users, followed by Mexico and Argentina.

These early adopters do not have the same access restrictions as the rest of the market. As new users, many of these markets have come straight to web 2.0 and are impressed, using a range of devices to access. Digital strategies must be based on high engagement tactics (see figure 1).