The global family today: Nickelodeon Kids and Family GPS

Christian Kurz and Carlos Garcia
Nickelodeon, USA
Leo Weir
Viacom International Media Networks, UK


Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS is an on-going, global research effort with multiple local, regional and international research projects feeding into the global expertise on the changing face and role of the family.

Understanding today's families is a primary goal for the Nickelodeon research teams internationally. We continuously carry out research and insight studies on the local, regional and international levels, the results of which feed into our global expertise on kids and families.

With the Nickelodeon GPS Global Family project, we are looking at what constitutes the notion of "Family" today, starting with how it is defined and how this definition differs from the past. We aim to understand the role of each family member and fully appreciate the relationship kids have with their parents and other family members. We analyze the internal and external factors that contribute to bringing families closer together or pulling them apart, and importantly, we consider our findings against a backdrop of research on past generations of families.