Samsung and the 'new 360': a social initiative for the London Olympics

Geoffrey Precourt

For the 2012 London Summer Olympics, Samsung is planning to do what Volkswagen did with its 2011 Super Bowl interactive activity: engage consumers before, during and after the event.

VW seeded interest in its spots – and its brands – with a series of digital teases for its 'The Force' commercials well before Super Bowl kickoff. And, every bit as important, it created a buzz around its Passat model that lasted long after the game was over.

In the same way, Samsung's 'Olympic Genome' initiative plans to use social media to do the same thing, specifically targeting the kind of tech-savvy people who are likely users of its products.

Ralph Santana, Samsung SVP/CMO, told a keynote audience at the 2012 Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) TV & Everything Video Forum: "Content has no bounds. It's a liberation brought about by third-party apps that provide access at an unprecedented level." And the future of marketing, he said, is a cloud-based universe "all about liberating content, video and otherwise."

Ralph Santana, Samsung SVP/CMO