Marketing to LGBTs

Cristina Reyes

With an estimated spending power of $790 billion according to Bob Witeck (Talley, 2012), the LGBT community is increasingly being recognized by advertisers as an important market.

Results of the 2012 LGBT Community Survey (Community Marketing Inc, 2012) reveal that LGBTs over-index on brand loyalty. They are more likely to tell friends about brands or companies they like.

Attitudes about brands and shopping
Attitudes about brands and shopping
Base: Gay men n=10,963; Lesbians n=1,976

One focus-group study tested consumer perceptions of a brand's gay-friendliness (Gudelunas, 2011). Advertising was the most frequently cited source for discovering these brands, supplemented by event sponsorships and product placement in gay media. However, some respondents felt that because of the number of brands now targeting LGBTs, additional evidence was needed of the company's commitment. This could be in the form of donations to LGBT charities, supportive employer policies, or favorable third-party rankings, such as those given by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which rates companies based on their treatment of sexual minorities.