Big stable brands, and ad effects

Fresh thoughts about why, perhaps, consistent promotion
keeps them big

Gordon Brown

Why do brand leaders need steady adspend? They decline without it, but most quantifiable indicators (sales, attitude shifts) don't move enough to explain this. Maybe ad memories live till consumers choose to shop about.

The main reason why people tend to concentrate unduly on single statistics about advertising is the absence of a rounded view about the sorts of ways in which advertising chiefly works. This paper represents some thought toward a rounded view which hopes to fit the data, and leave advertising as delightfully complex as we know it must be, but less mysterious and inaccessible.


There has been more systematic data collection during the last ten years than ever before. But this has created more puzzles than anyone expected about one particular category of advertising (which happens to be immensely important to the industry!) - support advertising for well-known established brands.