Speaker's Box

Customer Empowerment in the Digital Age

Oguz Ali Acar

School of Business and Management, King's College London

Stefano Puntoni

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Editors' Note

The “Speakers Box” attempts to bridge the gap between the length of time it takes to produce rigorous work that satisfies journals such as ours, and the rapidity of change within practice. In the material that follows, two leading academics — Oguz Ali Acar, a colleague who teaches marketing at King’s College London, and Stefano Puntoni, a professor of marketing management at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University — provide insight into consumer empowerment and the implications for advertising. Citing the trend of shifting power and control over marketing offerings to customers, the authors suggest that empowering customers is an effective way for brands to initiate dialog and can also lead to important objective, attitudinal, and behavioral benefits. The authors identify four main strategies involving “deep” and “broad” engagement and “creating” and “selecting” content. In essence, they shed strategic light on how brands can harness the potential of customer empowerment in the digital age.