Apple iPhone 6: World Gallery

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Agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab
Brand: iPhone
Advertiser: Apple


Processor speeds Screen resolution Battery life Expandable storage Camera pixels

These are the practical and quantifiable features smartphone manufacturers around the world use to sell their devices to consumers. They highlight these features in isolation of the people using them, hoping impressive numbers and very specific functions will convince people to buy.

After the wildly successful iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch, we had to break from the category convention to prove the power of these new devices.

When we looked to understand what people loved about iPhone and how they were using it, we found that users weren't talking about the technology that makes up iPhone 6; instead, they were flooding social media and websites with the photos and videos they were capturing. The best testament to the quality of the camera is sharing the output and we discovered an opportunity to focus on the most important component of Apple's technology: the users.