Ten big challenges for market research in cross-media measurement

Emily Barley

"The whole future of the media industry depends on one question: what children do now – are they doing that because they're children and are they going to have 'normal' media habits when they grow up?" Richard Marks, owner of Research The Media, told the audience of an ESOMAR multi-platform media seminar held in Amsterdam in June 2015.

"Clearly they are obsessed with YouTubers and new media", said Marks, but "the trouble is, the hardest thing in market research is to predict what people are going to do".

"We've been through that in the [2015] UK election" – where asking people what they were going to do meant pollsters got it massively wrong. In the end "the only accurate poll was asking people what they did".

Advertisers want to understand how their campaigns work across platforms, and are fed up with media 'silos'. "They want to be demonstrating that the internet has turned them from caterpillars into butterflies – their cross-platform reach has grown", said Marks.