Audience measurement in a programmatic world: The view from Ipsos

Emily Barley

Second-by-second usage data for all media, in real-time, measuring everyone, trackable across devices and cross-matched with other data. This is "a kind of research nirvana you can imagine, which is presumably technically possible", Andrew Green, chief marketing officer at Ipsos UK, suggested to an ESOMAR multi-platform media seminar held in Amsterdam in June 2015.

"It did used to be a lot more simple to measure audiences in the very recent past," Green reminisced. Researchers would either ask people about their media consumption habits in surveys, or use meters in certain homes to measure actual consumption. This delivered a trading currency for trading and planning media. But then "the world changed".

Advances in digital technology, including the internet and mobile, have altered how people consume media, and this in turn has changed how brands advertise. More recently, automatic auction-style trading platforms – otherwise known as programmatic – have been developed.