Advertising strategy: Copy for faster strategy

Mark Earls

In his new book, Mark Earls points out that by asking the 'what kinda?' questions, planners and strategists can move away from the singular mode of thinking and learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar problems before.

Long ago, when the internet was young and only geeks like junior planners and TV researchers knew how to use a search engine, the American TV host, David Letterman, often played a game with his audience: "Is this 'something'?," he would ask, as he prepared to roll a video of some unusual phenomenon his team had unearthed from the internet; "Is it a 'thing' or is it 'nothing'?" In other words, does it constitute something significant, something worth paying attention to, something we are going to see a whole lot more of? Or, is it just part of the weird flotsam and jetsam of human cultural noise (and cat videos) on which the interwebs are built?