A holistic approach to measurement

Paul Greenep, Simon Watson and Rachel Mackie
iris and Barclays

Admap: Boost the impact of sponsorship

This article is from the November 2014 issue of Admap, which focuses on 'boosting the impact of sponsorship' marketing strategies.

Barclays has adopted a holistic form of sponsorship measurement that demonstrates the value of sponsorship to the business, aligns sponsorship to corporate strategy and identifies optimisation opportunities at a property and portfolio level.

Sponsorship has been too subjective, for too long. There has been no 'best practice'. Just, the same old practice. The challenge in bringing about change is that due to the diverse nature of sponsorship, the evaluation criteria vary exponentially. Sponsorship evaluation needs to be flexible, but flexibility shouldn't have to result in a lack of robustness of the evaluation, as it has done traditionally.