Cross-channel measurement and optimization: Targeting mobile app usage to increase desktop brand engagement

Gilad Barash, Brian Dalessandro, Claudia Perlich, Lauren Moores and Troy Raeder


In this whitepaper we argue the fallacy of using mobile clicks for optimization or measurement of performance in mobile advertising. We provide evidence that the primary driver of mobile ad clicks is inventory hosting the ad, and that conditional on inventory, there is little correlation between CTR and the brand. Additionally, we propose an alternative methodology for targeting mobile impressions for an advertising campaign. We show that a particular user's mobile app usage is correlated with the brands the user interacts with online. We present a methodology for measuring the correlation between mobile app usage and online brand engagement and show results for two brands that Dstillery works with. We show that mobile app usage can accurately predict online brand engagements and we argue that this methodology presents a better targeting mechanism than CTR optimization. In order to target cross-device audiences we present an innovative bridge that maps users between mobile and desktop platforms. This bridge allows us to follow consumers from one domain to another and create a combined physical and digital behavioral profile that allows us to find the right users for each marketer with high precision.