The Mobile First shopper strategy

Gareth Ellen
Geometry Global

We constantly engage with our mobile phones throughout the day, so these devices provide great opportunities for brands to communicate with shoppers with engaging and personal content through a Mobile First approach to shopper marketing, which can bridge the gap between the virtual and physical shop.

Our world is converging on the mobile device – so much so that a majority of global users believe that having their mobile phone lost or stolen would really affect their personal productivity. A significant portion of that convergence is for activities related to shopping, where the mobile is a smart, highly informed, infinitely resourceful in-pocket assistant, ready to be called upon at will.

Shoppers are becoming 'Mobile First'. They are using their mobile phones throughout their purchase-decision journey and, as mobile shoppers, they are here to stay. But let's not get carried away and mythicise them as some ethereal group of creatures, who live in an unattainable future world. They are you and I, your mums and dads, brothers and sisters. Mobile shoppers are people and their behaviour is as natural as breathing. They are within our reach and willing participants – if we engage them in the right way.