Doritos: Doritos Mariachi

Tom White

Campaign details

Brand owner: PepsiCo
Agency: AMV BBDO, OMD and Freud Communications
Brand: Doritos
Country: UK

Executive summary

This case study tells the story of how Doritos rebuilt itself as a highly agile, social media-based, content-driven brand in the UK with the Doritos 'Mariachi' campaign. By demonstrating how to put the structures in place for social media management and content creation, whether on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine, it smashed its overall sales target to achieve +11% value sales and reached 13 million people on Facebook in just six weeks.

Doritos Mariachi is a demonstration of how 'new-school' social media and content marketing can deliver effective solutions to proper 'old-school' marketing challenges.

And it showed that ideas that place social media and content at their heart can be effective beyond a 'youth' audience.

Market background and business objectives