Benadryl: Who needs another pollen count?

David Carr
JWT London

Summary – who needs another f****** pollen count?

We didn't think so at first. But this was just one of the preconceptions and challenges planning overturned when faced with a pitch, multiple channels, no "new news", mobile platforms, tight timings, and even terrible weather.

But from "Blitz Spirit" insight to go-live and continuous optimisation, planning helped create a better pollen count: one that people trust because it's very local, and very live, and therefore the most accurate pollen count available on desktop and mobile. A socially designed, useful and usable pollen count that added value to both hayfever sufferers' lives and the Benadryl brand.

And, during the course of its creation, we learnt that planning's remit had broadened from telling brand stories to building (and navigating users through) branded journeys. We also learnt that if agencies want to present their products and services as socially designed brands, then you need socially designed planners who can do and cover more: part brand planner, part social strategist, part UX and data analyst, planners now need a broader mix of skills, and a willingness to look at problems in new ways.