10 trends for 2014

Dan Calladine
Aegis Media

Brands need to organise themselves for the real world and because of this, we have been producing trends for clients for the past few years.

Nothing changes on New Year's Day; all of these trends are already happening, but will grow significantly over the next 12 months, having a greater impact than in the previous 12. We highlight what the trends are, why they are growing, key illustrative examples, and implications for brands, rooted in what we have observed this year.

These are trends, not 'the trends'. There are lots of things happening, and we hope we have chosen some of the most interesting.

2013's trends

It's a given that lots of things will continue to grow – including web access, mobile usage, ecommerce, and online video viewing.

Last year we also highlighted trends including:

  1. 'Makers' and the rise of 3D printing
  2. Online to Offline, or online brands in physical spaces
  3. Digital Scarcity – charging more by limiting supply
  4. Acquisitions – start-ups selling out
  5. The Wow Factor – amazing stunts