5 steps to creating customer loyalty through brand citizenship

Anne Bahr Thompson

Increasingly, consumers want brands to engage with them not only on a personal level but also in ways that can deliver a better world. Anne Bahr Thompson of Onesixtyfourth outlines a five-step model in Brand Citizenship, to engage purposefully and cultivate customer loyalty.

In a social world, building a brand and cultivating loyalty is all about managing engagement. In other words, fostering meaningful connections that pull people towards products and services by offering transactional value.

Over the past five years, Onesixtyfourth's CultureQ research on cultural shifts and the impact they have on our interdependence with brands consistently demonstrates that people develop more loyal relationships with the brands they interact with. In a world of virtual friendships, favourite brands represent more than products and services. They are badges that signify an ethos - one that mirrors our values or those we aspire to. And as consumer concern for equity, sustainability and national identity increases, more people want brands to link them to some kind of larger purpose designed to simplify daily tasks, progress modern lives, connect us with communities that share our standards and ethics and better the world we live in.