"2023 Marketing Experts Research Book": an annual report to help you focus, survive the winter, and grow upward

In the past 2022, Chinese brand marketers have experienced rare uncertainties brought about by the global economy, politics, and local epidemic prevention; in 2023, the upsurge of consumption in the Spring Festival has shown a good start, but marketers understand that the economy Recovery requires process. Then, in order to remain optimistic in such a complex market, we need to re-examine the changes in consumer behavior and brand positioning, find areas that need to be focused and effective strategies, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In this report, we discuss the game between sustainable development and price, digital platforms to facilitate full-link purchases, resist the economic downturn, strategies to deal with "anti-globalization", supply chain value, and ideas that cater to the circle of interest. Analyze, even look at the same issue from different angles, think about marketing issues with expansive and early-warning thinking, and extract key and effective action points.
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