Agency: Proximity Barcelona


The fundamental objective that we set for ourselves was to strengthen the Spanish public's affinity for the ŠKODA Brand with a campaign that improved its notoriety and brand awareness, consequently generating an increase in sales.

As an additional challenge, we had to propose a completely out-of-the-box communication and media strategy. Only in this way, we would create enough impact.


Strategic decisions:

  1. A different launch campaign. We proposed a campaign in which, instead of simply selling the attributes of the new model, we would use the launch as branding campaign focusing on the human element and the social implications of the values of the brand.
  2. Social mobility as a brand purpose. Isolation and lack of basic services are two of the main causes of the depopulation problem in Spain. We decided to turn the denouncement of this situation into the purpose of the brand in Spain, to demonstrate that mobility and cars can have a social impact, and to link the Czech brand with the national culture.
  3. First actions, then words. In Spain the image of ŠKODA is linked to the idea of the taxi. We turned this weakness into a strength, to use as a bridge to connect us with the local market. We donated a Kodiaq to an area affected by depopulation to create a free transport service.
  4. Find a backstory that will raise the profile of the project. Creating the service was not enough, we needed to find a relevant way to tell the story. The Tabernas Desert was the stage of the great Western films of the 1960s, but now it suffers from depopulation. The location gave us the Western format to create a more noticeable communication campaign. If our communication campaign was going to be a Western, the transport service would be a stagecoach.
  5. Betting on content and an innovative media strategy. We stopped focusing on the vehicle itself in order to convert its launch into a branding campaign. We promoted the project to related media and news agencies, distributing the campaign as content and facilitating that they covered the transport service in situ, which gave the campaign social relevance.

Creative solution