UM's Wave 9 – The Meaning of Moments builds on eleven years of global social tracking. Since the Wave project's conception in 2006, the social media landscape has changed beyond belief – as has the way that consumers and brands behave within it.

The findings of Wave 9 – The Meaning of Moments show that there has been a fundamental shift in the role that social media plays in people's lives since we began our Wave study. We have seen a 37% drop in the number of people saying that social media was good for 'fun and entertainment' than when we first asked this question in 2010. At the same time, people are 13% more likely to see them as good for 'making money'. Much in the same way as advertisers understand social media's value to their brands, consumers are increasingly realising the value of social media to their own lives and careers. As a result, our latest data on social media usage shows that we are actively managing our social networks more than ever.