This article introduces a series of articles on neuroscience applied to marketing. Read more.

Neuromarketing has evolved since the days when consumers were placed under clunky MRI scanners to have their brains read. The speed, scale and cost of modern neuromarketing has been transformed through the adoption of new methods in EEG/fMRI and tools such as biometric (facial coding, eye tracking) and psychometric (implicit response).

Now, large numbers of people can be researched to reveal how they actually respond, not how they say they respond, in a variety of actions, in a cost-effective and rapid fashion. Creative effectiveness in advertising, product and packaging design, store shelf placement and media planning are all beneficiaries of this evolution. The introductory article to this month's Admap Focus, 'How Neuroscience is Advancing Consumer Insight', outlines three key areas where brands can leverage neuroscience to improve their marketing – design and creativity, audio optimisation and implicit response testing – with case studies to demonstrate how each is being used by marketers.