Drawing inspiration from quantum physics, this book offers a powerful new model for business thinking and practice where leaders can adapt to chaos and thrive on uncertainty

The Quantum Leader: A Revolution in Business Thinking and Practice takes you on a journey that will completely change the way you think about business leadership.

Akin to the forward-thinking and rapidly growing field of behavioural economics, Zohar claims that the conventional Newtonian model and leadership style are based on outdated thinking that incorrectly assumes humans and markets are rational and controllable. She uses the financial collapse of 2008 to demonstrate why this is obsolete and opportunity lies in embracing uncertainty, change, decentralisation, and focusing on ethics and continual growth (the 'quantum' model).

Central ideas and arguments

Zohar argues that 'Quantum Leaders' seek out their edge, see opportunity in uncertainty and are value-led. She proposes that quantum thinking is a third kind of neural function that integrates Eastern and Western thinking through gamma waves to enable "intuitive, insightful, creative and reflective thinking".