Ogilvy on Advertising

By David Ogilvy Published by Vintage, 1985

When I started out in my career, it was the only book that told you about advertising. And how to get into it. I religiously copied the letter in chapter 3 and sent it to every agency I could find an address for. The steady sea of rejections began to flow back. One of the nicest was from Maurice Saatchi, who, many years later, I had the opportunity to work with. I also got to meet David in the earlier part of my career at Ogilvy.

If You're Second You Are Nothing: Ferguson and Shankly

By Oliver Holt Published by Pan, 2007

I spend at least half my day contorting situations at work into some form of analogy. Mostly football ones. I guess that's because advertising also essentially comes down to talent and teamwork. I got a great piece of advice from one of my first bosses: "You can learn something from everyone, just be careful what you learn." This book compares the success while contrasting the differing styles of two of the game's greatest ever managers, Alex Ferguson and Bill Shankly.

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