The number of active ad-blocking software users rose 25% year on year to 616m worldwide in 2017, according to research from PageFair and Adobe. Of this, 380m (62%) were mobile web users, a rise of 28% year on year. Adoption varies by region, ranging from 20% of internet users in Western Europe to just 2% in MEA, with the global rate recorded at 11%. Of WARC's twelve key markets, ad blocking is most prevalent in Germany (29% of internet users), followed by India (28%) and Canada (25%). The US, the largest ad market by digital spend, has an ad-block adoption rate of 18%. Usage is highest among the 25–34 age group, while American males are more likely to use ad-blocking software than females. The main motivation for using ad-blocking software in the US is concerns about security, cited by 30% of respondents to the PageFair/Adobe survey. Then followed the desire to prevent interruption of web browsing (29%), and to improve page load time (16%).

Global, active ad-blocking software users