McDonald's: Make your own burger

Razorfish Berlin

Advertiser: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Country: Germany


McDonald's is Germany's favorite restaurant chain and an all-time favorite place for families. In the family and restaurant chains category, McDonald's Germany is clearly the market leader. 2.5 million daily visitors prove that.

McDonald's provides easy, simple enjoyment through predictably good and familiar products. Rather than encouraging experiments and food customization like some of its competitors, McDonald's is a restaurant chain that guarantees simple, good taste. In this way the brand acts as a reliable burger curator. This clearly has its advantages: McDonald's guests feel like they are coming home to familiar tastes. To them ordering their favorite products is like meeting a good friend. Even promotional burgers become available regularly, in-sync with annual events. Guests are used to that too. This situation makes it rather difficult to surprise the fans. Promotions, promotions and more promotions – always the same scenes of enjoyment and the same repetitive product staging. McDonald's was in danger of becoming predictable. In 2011, however, that is exactly what McDonald's wanted to change. The aim was to surprise the guests. In order to maintain a strong market position it had to offer people something they would not be able to experience with any of the competitors.