Google, MediaCom and Millward Brown: New marketing trends and techniques at MAP 2013

Brian Carruthers

At the Measuring Advertising Performance (MAP) conference, a two-day event held in London in March 2013, speakers covered everything from traditional KPIs to the recent developments in neuroscience. Analysing consumer emotions was the guiding theme of many presentations, with repeated references to System 1 and System 2 thinking, facial coding and biometrics.

But amid all the talk of the latest technologies, whether in research methods or media channels, there were champions of more traditional ways of planning, measuring and executing great ad campaigns: TV, speakers said, remains the best way of reaching your audience and improving client-agency relationships can lead to significantly improved advertising output.

Start at home

Good clients get great work from their agencies, poor ones don't, said Jeremy Caplin of Aprais, a business performance specialist. Caplin claimed to be able to confirm 99.9999% David Ogilvy's oft-quoted remark that "clients get the advertising they deserve".