L'Oréal: The rise of 'Big Sister' marketing

Geoffrey Precourt

The L'Oréal marketing department has been riding a wave of digital enthusiasm. In October 2011 its 'How Do You Judge a Book' video for the Dermablend make-up brand went viral. Ever since, the talk within the organization is how it can harness that low-investment/high-return potential.

"We broke through the clutter with engaging creative," Marc Speichert, L'Oréal USA CMO, told the 10th-annual Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) MIXX Conference. "The power of video to connect emotionally with people opened new audience segments and grew the business."

Photo: Doug Goodman

He continued: "The TV-like experiences that people love – sight, sound, and motion – are available to everyone. You just have to tell a story worthy of being told. As we've heard around the world, 'television' today means so much more, as technology has enabled video to cascade instantly and seamlessly across screens."