Managing integration: The route to integration

Libby Child
Aprais UK

Clients need to lead and set a clear 'brand course' for communication integration, while agencies need to stop viewing the world through their own lens.

There is a widespread belief among marketers and their communications agencies that 'integrated communication' is more effective than its alternative. Although its definition is not agreed, the end goal of achieving integration is an accepted industry objective.

But getting there seems a challenge few have mastered consistently. In an attempt to ease this challenge, Aprais conducted a study that evaluated 2,500 working relationships, globally, over 18 months. We wanted an analysis that was agnostic, international, objective, qualitative, quantitative, and delivered actionable insights.

So, we read nearly all there was to read on the subject, interviewed in-depth more than 50 of our senior agency and marketing clients in all continents in ten countries (we have 30 partners worldwide with 120 current agency clients and 85 marketing companies) and interrogated our database of 8,700 relationship evaluations, gathered over 11 years.