Magnum Gold?! How one golden integrated idea sold 130 million ice-creams

Principal authors: Erwin Flores, Lola Madrid; Jane Dorsett and Mihir Warty, Lowe and Partners


This is the story of Magnum's biggest ever global product launch for the first ever golden ice-cream on a stick: 'Magnum Gold?!'.

Based around one integrated idea: 'The Heist', the campaign aligned Magnum Gold?!, with the prestige of gold, and the concept of stealing gold.

The main piece of the communications architecture was a commercial that wasn't a commercial but the spoof trailer of an action Hollywood blockbuster: the story of a super heist. A big Hollywood star and his partner played the roles of a duo of high-profile pros who planned to break into a high-security vault and steal a cargo of gold. This initial teaser blurred the boundaries that separate advertising and cinematic content.

Supported by TV, outdoor and digital, the campaign included a viral campaign which used ground breaking face-texturing techniques to enable consumers to star in their own Hollywood heist online video movies and posters, soon even President Barack Obama was starring alongside Benicio Del Toro.